Saturday, June 1, 2013

Celebrating Mr. & Mrs. Flint!

Memorial Day weekend was such a blast! After months of waiting, it was finally time to head up to DC for Julia's wedding!! I spent Friday night pulling my life together so that I could catch my butt-crack-of-dawn flight Saturday morning. Though I was not thrilled to get up at 3:30 am, I do love watching the sunrise when I have super early flights!

So, it was off to Baltimore - gotta love those cheap flights - where Katie was waiting for me like a champ, and we made the drive out to the Georgetown area, which I just love. Everything is so pretty and it's the perfect place to walk around and kill time. We did some "window shopping," during which I just could not help but purchase my first lululemon top because it was supremely on sale and feels like cashmere. And of course we went to Serendipity! Like always, we ordered their signature frozen hot chocolate, and it was obviously delicious. Both Katie and I ordered the three decker grilled cheese, and like most food, it changed my life. I mean just look at these incredible layers of cheese!

In case you're unaware, I consider myself a huge foodie. I simply love food. If you've seen Julie & Julia, then you know the opening scene where Meryl Streep's character, the infamous Julia Child, cries when she tastes a fantastic dish. Yep...that's me. As I have put it many times, while most people eat to live, I live to eat. I am almost ashamed to admit that my table talked about food the entire rehearsal dinner...but only almost...and more on that later!

After lunch, Katie and I headed into the heart of DC to check out some monuments while we waited for Ashton to arrive. I haven't been to the monuments in over ten years, so I was a giddy tourist! We checked out the Washington Monument (which Katie refuses to call anything other than "the pencil"), the World War II Memorial (where I made sure to take pictures with my two states of residency), and the Lincoln Memorial. It was all so fantastic and patriotic - especially because it was Memorial Day weekend, and we were so lucky to have such a beautiful day to walk around!

After the monuments, we picked up Ashton and headed back to Katie's to rest up before the big events! Sunday morning we woke up and got ready, headed back up to Baltimore to grab Anna, enjoyed a quick and delicious lunch at Katie's, then it was off to the rehearsal! Lots of intros, a few walks down the makeshift aisle, then the bridal party got to hangout and lounge by the pool before the dinner. It was so fun to catch up with everyone I knew, and get to know everyone I didn't! And I must say, I often caught myself staring at Julia because she just radiated beauty and happiness the whole weekend!

As I was saying above, at the rehearsal dinner my table talked about food pretty much the entire time. I embarrassed myself heavily by eating the remnants of my fellow bridesmaids' plates. And everyone became well aware of my food obsession. The dinner was spectacular - there was this fantastic crab dip during the cocktail hour that I could have eaten with a spoon, the salad was a fantastic summer salad with strawberries and goat cheese, and then we had such great chicken and potatoes for the main course. The wine was abundant and delectable, and to top the whole evening off, dessert was a flourless chocolate cake with raspberry drizzle that made me want to lick my plate. I'm genuinely upset that I didn't get pictures of any of the food from any of the wedding festivities...I have no idea what I was thinking. Ironically enough, upon my return from this incredible weekend, Thought Catalog published this article about "Signs You Love Food More Than People," and while I do identify with many of the signs, I would have to say I still love people more...but enough about that...BACK TO THE FESTIVITES!

After the rehearsal dinner, all the bridesmaids went back to Julia's for a slumber party...needless to say, we were all zonked out by about 10:30pm...and before we knew it, it was time for the bridesmaids' brunch! We enjoyed good food and fun conversation before it was time to get ready. During the brunch, Julia gave each of us Toms that she had hand-painted for us as our bridesmaids gifts, and it is safe to say that I am obsessed with them! We wore them through the reception, and I wore mine the whole next day, too!

After the brunch, everyone but myself, Katie, Anna, and Ashton left to get their hair done. We Tennessee gals thought we'd just do our own, and I was thrilled with our choice because it gave me time to cuddle with this little guy! He's such a little ham :)

Just a short few hours later, we were all dolled up and off to The Winery at Bull Run! It was time for final touchups, getting Jules in her dress, and lots and lots of pictures! Below is Julia's something borrowed - Anna's Kappa Delta pin - and something old - her grandmother's ring, wore behind her own. So many beautiful touches throughout the day!

And then it was time for Julia and Sean's first look! The two photos on the left below are from their wedding photographer - Katie Nesbitt - check out her blog here for more pictures coming soon! Pardon the poor quality of my shot next to these two stunning photos!

Next, we were walking down the aisle, watching these two get hitched, and headed back down the aisle again!! I, like the true sap that I am, sobbed like a child. Katie even turned and gave me a "PULL IT TOGETHER" look mid-ceremony because I couldn't control my sniffling.

My favorite moments: when Mr. Peck kissed Julia and shook Sean's hand as he gave her away, the look on Sean's face as he said his vows (like he was speaking to Julia's soul, yall, it was so beautiful), and obviously this outstanding moment under the sabers: *another photo by Katie Nesbitt*

After the ceremony, the new couple took family photos while the rest of us enjoyed the most wonderful cocktail hour that I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Great wine and outstanding food!! BBQ sliders, chicken tacos, and the most glorious sweet potato pastry puffs that you could possibly imagine. obsessed here. Seriously, the cocktail waitress lady knew me by the end of the hour....sad fate, my friends, but worth it. And the reception? A total and complete blast. The music was fantastic, and very intentional - Rocky Top, Man in the Mirror, all of the good stuff. And Julia and Sean were literally glowing. We all had so much fun together. I was so sad when it all ended.

And off they went, through a tunnel of sparklers into Sean's truck and off to their honeymoon. The end to a fantastic day and the beginning of a crazy, beautiful life ahead. To the happy couple: I felt so blessed to be a part of your day, and I wish you a lifetime of love, laughter, and happiness. Fingers crossed I get to see yall in July! I love you!