Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Make a Difference, Now What About You

I love Pinterest. I think it's spectacular. I think whoever made it is probably swimming in a vault of dolla-dolla-bills yall as if he/she is Mr. Scrooge. And you know what? I hope that is the case, because he/she deserves it for creating something that blows my mind and occupies my time and sequesters my bordem all at once. My dear brother, Kevin, wants to find out how to invest in Pinterest because he wants a cut of that cash, and if he finds it - I want in, too.

All this to say, I came across this video on Pinterest today, and I couldn't help but share it. Working in the field of education, and having so many friends as teachers, this video made me want to give a standing ovation. Go ahead, watch it while I hop on my soap box....

The opening line is this:

"You see, the problem with teachers is
what is a kid gonna learn from someone
who decided his best option in life
was to become a teacher?"

And you know what, I have had some really crappy teachers. We all have. Teachers who broke me down to build themselves up, teachers who could have cared less. Teachers who shouldn't teach because they don't care about kids. We've all been there, and it's the pits.


You know what else? I have had some outstanding teachers too. Teachers who challenged me. Teachers who taught me more than math or history, but who taught me about life. Teachers who shaped and molded the person I am today, simply by being teachers. There was Mrs. Wayman who taught me not to give up when she said it was okay to stumble when I read aloud. And Mrs. Sanders who molded my literary mind when she made me love to read. And there was Mr. Adams who challenged me not to be mediocre by teaching me multiplication tables. And Mrs. Constantine who taught me not to act dumb to appear less intimidating to boys while teaching me American history. And Mr. Harlin who showed me that good things come to those who wait when he taught me how to write DBQs. And Ms. Stice who taught me to open my eyes to others opinions when she handed me a pocket Constitution. And that's just elementary through high school - don't even get me started on how Laura Stansell and Sally Parish and Kathy Jones changed my life in college - that's a soap box of I'll never get off!

I have had some amazing teachers. Men and women I am so thrilled chose to become educators when they could have been doctors or lawyers or CEOs and bringing home better bacon. One of those fantastic teachers who shall rename unidentified told me senior year of high school that I was "too smart to be a teacher." And I will never forget that. I'm sure it was meant to be a compliment, and I appreciated that teacher saying I'm intelligent. But it's devastating to me that that mindset is what educators are up against. We should be doing cartwheels into schools knowing that we are learning from men and women who are smart enough to be doing anything else.....

So. Thank a teacher today - academic or otherwise. Without them, you wouldn't know how to read, write, count, share, or really, be you! I'd like to say a special "thank you" to all of the wonderful teachers listed above, and to Katie and Julia for braving this mindset - I envy the students you will teach! I am so proud of you both!! You know I'd quadruple your salary if I could :)


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