Friday, March 22, 2013

Ermahgerd! I love Providence, RI!

Oh, Providence....I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss it! I had so much fun being with the girls up in our tiniest state, in our cramped little apartment....I even kind of...sort of...miss my air mattress on the floor! I just had such a blast at Brown University, and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to go up to Rhode Island for two weeks! many people have actually been to Rhode Island?! It's definitely not the first vacation destination that comes to mind, but is gorgeous. And the food? Spectacular. I'm still craving Antonio's pizza...I think I will till my dying day! Whenever I get "homesick" for Rhode Island, however, I just remind myself of how much I hated the snow... you can tell from the center photo, winter is not my favorite season. After a full day of trekking all throughout campus, to the apartment, and back, my hair was SOAKED! I was shivering and crabby, and I had a meeting with a potential new member in about five minutes. My solution? The hand drier in the public restroom. Judge all you want, ladies and gentlemen, but I pulled it together and put the "P" back in "P.A.C.E!" for those of you non-Kappa Deltas out there, the "P" stand for Personal Presence. 

One of the best parts of my time in Providence was Hilly's Birthday! Now in the Yetter family, birthdays are no joke. They are monumental opportunities for extreme celebration. Becoming one year older is not to be taken lightly. Knowing this, and hearing Hillary worry for a week that her first birthday away from home was going to be the worst ever, I knew we had to put a plan in place. With my clever partners in crime, Kim and Sarah, we devised an extravagant ruse to surprise Hillary. The morning before the big day, on our daily errand run, I broke away from the group to collect and purchase birthday items while Kim and Sarah took Hillary to look in every department Target had to offer. That afternoon, Sarah and I filled 23 balloons with helium and hid them in a closet just awaiting out perfect moment. And that night, I lured Hillary out of the apartment so that Kim and Sarah could deck it out with birthday cheer. After about an hour walk around campus and tons of girl talk, we returned to an apartment filled with balloons, pink streamers, and red velvet cupcakes - Hillary's fave! 

One of the things Hillary wanted so badly was to see fish thrown while we were sea-side. She'd seen it on The Bachelor when Sean went to Catherine's hometown of Seattle, and thought we might get lucky and find a fish-throwing venue in Providence. Unfortunately, we were just plain on the wrong coast for this sort of entertainment, so we improvised, and bought Swedish Fish to throw at Hillary for her birthday fun! Kim and I even rapped for her at was truly a night full of entertainment, and she was so surprised and elated, it made all the secrets more than worthwhile!

After Hillary's birthday, Recruitment Weekend was just around the corner! My two weeks in Providence simply flew by and we were already picking the founding members of the Theta Gamma Chapter at Brown! Special thanks to Margaret, Stacy, and Danielle, as well as the women of Theta Alpha and Eta Kappa for all of your help and support during the weekend! Here are some pictures of the team throughout the weekend: pardon the less-than-stellar quality...not sure what happened there...

Although we worked hard those two weeks, we also had so much fun! We enjoyed exploring Providence, outstanding food, fabulous people, lots of Gossip Girl, and tons of good laughs!  

[left to right] Team Brown at The Bear...Team Brown imitating LDC Shelby's go-to photo pose...and Me and Hillary enjoying an evening out with the girls
[clockwise from top left] Team Brown out for Hillary's Birthday Dinner...Me and Hillary at The Bear on International Badge Day...and Me and Hill at Mt. Fuji
[left to right] Kim and I with all our Bid Day supplies...Hillary and I on the way to her Birthday Dinner...and Kim and I dancing like fools in the apartment :) 

On Hillary and I's last day in Rhode Island, we all drove out to Newport to explore the sea-side city and get some pictures. It was the perfect way to wrap up our trip to the coast! I am just ecstatic to say I will be venturing back to good ole Providence for Theta Beta's Initiation and Installation at the end of April, and I am so ready to experience one of my favorite places when it's a little warmer!! Antonio's...I'm coming for you!!

Until next time...

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