Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boston: Take Two

As a consultant, I had the pleasure of heading up to tour chapter at Boston University twice in my travel year. Unfortunately, my first trip to our Eta Phi chapter in December was picture-less, which is no one's fault but my own. I made up for this in spades when I returned in January to help prepare the chapter for Recruitment! I was in Boston for about ten days, and loved getting to know the chapter members and advisors so much better - especially after pulling two all-nighters! Such is Recruitment, right!? :-) We spent the first couple of days on campus practicing before the week began - look at those lines!!

Then it was off to the Marriot Copley for the actual Recruitment Week! I just couldn't get enough of my view!

I must admit, it was heaven staying in a hotel on a big fluffy bed for those few nights. It doesn't happen often on the road, and it was a luxury that I made sure to appreciate! Plus, it was fun spending time with the Recruitment team and advisor those late nights!!

The first round of Recruitment was Open House style, and the theme was "Go Greek, Go KD!" The decorations were incredible - there was so much cute Kappa Delta paraphernalia everywhere! The lettering you see above the green tables is created from posters on which a sister hand-drew the Kappa Delta Lilly Pulitzer print - talk about talent!! There was also a huge t-shirt quilt that I sorrowfully didn't get a picture of - it was a fabulous collection of Eta Phi sisters' favorite t-shirts and a huge statement piece in the room. Such a great first round!

The next day was Philanthropy Round where we taught all the potential new members about Kappa Delta's national platform of CONFIDENCE! They wrote confidence inspiring messages on balloons, talked about our work with the Girl Scouts, and the KD Block Party on campus that raises money for the prevention of child abuse throughout the country. The decor was, again, fantastic with the blown up pictures draped throughout the room and the sparkly mason jars filled with flowers and balloons - so stinkin' cute!

The last round before Preference was Sisterhood and Eta Phi's theme was "How Sweet it is to be a KD!" and oh-my-sugar, there were more sweets than you can imagine throughout the room! This spectacular table-scape was my very favorite - so shabby chic! It was so fun to hear all the girls share their favorite pieces of Kappa Delta sisterhood throughout the day, and they showed an adorable video each round that always put a smile on my face!

I am so sad to say that I didn't snap a single picture of the Preference room because it was GORGEOUS! The walls were lined with black linens, lights, and tulle - it looked like a dream! There was a "wishing well" fountain bubbling water and white roses everywhere. Simply stunning. And the Eta Phi women finished out Recruitment with a bang. Before we knew it, we were welcoming 43 new members on Bid Day!! So proud of your success, Eta Phi!! Miss yall!!


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