Thursday, February 28, 2013

Exciting News - and lots of it!!

Sincerely could not be more thrilled to share that 13 wonderful, talented women have been selected as the new 2013-2014 Leadership Development Consultants for Kappa Delta Sorority! You lucky ladies have no idea how much your lives will change for the better in the upcoming year!! I am also so happy for Tori Close to be selected as the very first Senior Consultant! Such exciting news!!! 

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I just cannot believe that my time as a consultant is wrapping up! March is my last month traveling as a consultant, and I am thrilled to say that I am leaving tomorrow for Providence, Rhode Island to work with Kim, Sarah, and Hillary to colonize a new chapter at Brown University!! Although I am terrified of the cold weather as you all know, I am a pansy when it comes to the cold, I am so excited to see the gorgeous campus, experience our smallest state, and be reunited with some of my favorite ladies while colonizing another chapter!!

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Wish me luck in the frozen tundra! Until next time...


The Big Move!

It was a couple weeks ago that I made the big move to Memphis! I trekked it from the western most corner of the state - Memphis, back to Nashville, then up to Knoxville which is in the upper east corner of the state...not all the way to Bristol, but it's up there! I took that Friday off work so Daddy and I could make the trip to Knoxville to get all of my stuff. We'd stored it there after graduation because I had no clue what I would be doing after my time as a consultant. We woke up early, made the 3-hour drive, picked up the Uhaul, and headed to storage. About two hours later, that sucker was empty, and we were on our way back to Nashville! I wish we'd had time to see some friends and my old stomping grounds yep...I used that phrase...judge me but we had a long weekend ahead of us!

After the 3-hour drive back, we spent the night in Nashville enjoying the regular Van Dam family tradition of Friday night pizza, and I packed up more of my things from my bedroom at home. Then bright and early the next morning, Daddy hopped in the Yukon, Momma and I jumped into Bessy my precious Chevy and it was off to Memphis! The drive between Nashville and Memphis is pretty boring - not too much to look at - but it was fun spending time with Momma, taking pictures of Daddy, and group texting with the whole family...even if my brothers were mocking my need for a UHaul...

 It was a long day moving furniture upstairs to the apartment, putting the furniture together, setting it all up, errands...the works. But by the end of the night, we were enjoying some dinner and taking pictures of the almost finished product.

My goal for my "grown up" spaces was simple, elegant, and classic with a dash of shabby chic. I'd spent the past two months scouring pinterest and all my favorite stores to find quality pieces that would last a while, despite the trends or wear & tear. This is what I came up with - I hope you love it as much as I do!



Still lots of details to work to hang and such, but I am really loving my new apartment - and my roommate, Kirstin :) Memphis is great so far!! Hopefully it's only going to get better! Until next time...


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boston: Take Two

As a consultant, I had the pleasure of heading up to tour chapter at Boston University twice in my travel year. Unfortunately, my first trip to our Eta Phi chapter in December was picture-less, which is no one's fault but my own. I made up for this in spades when I returned in January to help prepare the chapter for Recruitment! I was in Boston for about ten days, and loved getting to know the chapter members and advisors so much better - especially after pulling two all-nighters! Such is Recruitment, right!? :-) We spent the first couple of days on campus practicing before the week began - look at those lines!!

Then it was off to the Marriot Copley for the actual Recruitment Week! I just couldn't get enough of my view!

I must admit, it was heaven staying in a hotel on a big fluffy bed for those few nights. It doesn't happen often on the road, and it was a luxury that I made sure to appreciate! Plus, it was fun spending time with the Recruitment team and advisor those late nights!!

The first round of Recruitment was Open House style, and the theme was "Go Greek, Go KD!" The decorations were incredible - there was so much cute Kappa Delta paraphernalia everywhere! The lettering you see above the green tables is created from posters on which a sister hand-drew the Kappa Delta Lilly Pulitzer print - talk about talent!! There was also a huge t-shirt quilt that I sorrowfully didn't get a picture of - it was a fabulous collection of Eta Phi sisters' favorite t-shirts and a huge statement piece in the room. Such a great first round!

The next day was Philanthropy Round where we taught all the potential new members about Kappa Delta's national platform of CONFIDENCE! They wrote confidence inspiring messages on balloons, talked about our work with the Girl Scouts, and the KD Block Party on campus that raises money for the prevention of child abuse throughout the country. The decor was, again, fantastic with the blown up pictures draped throughout the room and the sparkly mason jars filled with flowers and balloons - so stinkin' cute!

The last round before Preference was Sisterhood and Eta Phi's theme was "How Sweet it is to be a KD!" and oh-my-sugar, there were more sweets than you can imagine throughout the room! This spectacular table-scape was my very favorite - so shabby chic! It was so fun to hear all the girls share their favorite pieces of Kappa Delta sisterhood throughout the day, and they showed an adorable video each round that always put a smile on my face!

I am so sad to say that I didn't snap a single picture of the Preference room because it was GORGEOUS! The walls were lined with black linens, lights, and tulle - it looked like a dream! There was a "wishing well" fountain bubbling water and white roses everywhere. Simply stunning. And the Eta Phi women finished out Recruitment with a bang. Before we knew it, we were welcoming 43 new members on Bid Day!! So proud of your success, Eta Phi!! Miss yall!!


Indiana Visit, cont.

So, I blogged last month about my fun my trip to Indiana, but I did not have the chance to mention how extraordinary their sisterhood bulletin boards are...mostly because I was a dumby and forgot to take pictures. BUT! President Aubrey came to my rescue and sent me a thousand pictures to share with yall! Thanks, Aubrey!! The rest of you...prepare for your jaws to drop...

obviously the calendar was in the process of transitioning months in the above photo, but you get the picture ;-)
tell me you've seen a better birthday board, I dare you!

Aren't they just straight up precious!?! I certainly think so! Great job, Sigma Upsilon! Miss yall!!


The Worst Blogger Ever

So...I know, I know, I haven't updated this in almost two months. I am officially the worst blogger ever. I even made a New Year's Resolution to blog more. Thankfully for my resolutions sake, I gave myself the loop hole of "at least once a month." I knew I'd be a slacker....But lucky for you (not lucky for me, however) I have the most dreadful sinus infection that has me bed-bound for at least the next 24 hours, so I'll have more than enough time to catch you all up on the excitement of the last two months. I'll do my best to leave the snot out of GET READY! Here it goes!
blog title courtesy of The Beatles "Memphis, Tennessee"