Wednesday, December 19, 2012

101 in 1001 Update!

As you likely know, I'm in the process of working through my 101 in 1001 Challenge, and I wanted to give you some updates! You can check out my progress on the 100 Book Countdown or 50 State Scratch off by clicking the buttons to the right of this post --->

Otherwise, keep reading:

21. Stop biting my nails - success! Although some stressful occasions do arise, I have kicked this habit! Shellac has been quite instrumental in this goal's successful completion =)

26. Run in the Color Run.....this was attempted, but has yet to be completed....Hillary and I signed up for the Color Run in Des Moines in October and we were STOKED to run it! However, it was the same day as our Sigma Sigma Sisterhood Retreat, and the race was running an hour behind, so we had to leave without running =( We did still throw some color though =) Needless to say, I'll attempt this again.

48. Save every $5 bill I get - this one has slowed down quite a bit, and gotten a lot more tricky, because I use cash less and less on the road. I've also been "forced" to spend quite a few $5 bills over the past couple months because of cash-only situations, like cabs and stuff. All that aside, however, I've saved $400 since I started in April, and still going strong! 

57. Step out of my comfort zone - this whole semester has been a huge practice in this. Until this job, I'd only ever flown alone twice. Now I can pack and operate airport security like a pro! Outside of the actual travelling, this job constantly pushes me to be a better version of myself by forcing me to put myself out there in ways I've never had to before! Kappa Delta caused me to grow so much in my four college years, but it is continuing to develop me personally and professionally through this job! 

64. Be a regular at a restaurant - Yep. It happened. In Ames, Iowa no less. You can find me and Hillary sitting in the Texas Roadhouse on Duff in Josh's section any given week. Josh knows exactly what I order 6 oz. sirloin, medium rare, with the house salad, no cheese or croutons, light ranch on the side, and a loaded baked potato and that my special beverage, should I order one, Razzlesnake, always a Razzlesnake. needs to be on a separate check. He's the best.

78. Be a part of colonizing a Kappa Delta chapter - I still cannot believe I get to mark this off my list. Not only did Hillary and I rebuild the foundation of the Sigma Sigma chapter you can check out posts about that here, but I was also able to help out at the Zeta Rho colony which you can check out here! Such blessings and such great learning experiences! 

91. Take a Zumba Class - oh. my. fun. I LOVE ZUMBA! Hillary and I started going in Iowa at the ISU gyms, and I am officially hooked. You seriously cannot ask for a better workout! With constant cardio and intentional muscle strengthening moves, you burn calories like nobody's business. And the best part? It is SO MUCH FUN! We have our favorite teachers, of course, but I have yet to meet a Zumba class I didn't like....unfortunately, I feel the same way about pizza....and it's a good thing that I enjoy Zumba!

SO! I'm knocking a few things off the list here and there, hoping to accomplish some more soon!

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