Friday, October 12, 2012

CALIFORNIA - Here We Come! I come at least! It's has been a literal whirlwind of a jet-setting week! I received a call this week that I will be heading to San Diego for the remainder of the month to assist with recruitment at our Zeta Rho colony with Erin and Rachel

This job comes with many unexpected twists, turns, and schedule changes, and being flexible is simply mandatory. So within a short twelve hours, I'd packed my bags and was on a 7am flight for a quick vacation at home then I'm off to San Diego on Monday for the rest of October!

I'm obviously going to miss my Sigma Sigma girls and Hillary, but I'm so excited to hit the sunny seas of San Diego and experience a whole new Kappa Delta colony! It's a good thing I bought a winter coat on Tuesday....oh well! San Diego, here I come! You can click on the photo below to check out Zeta Rho's website and see all the great things that Kappa Delta is doing in San Diego! 


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