Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Vivacious Vocals of Nu Chapter!

I have so much to catch all you readers up on - I'm in Iowa!!! - but I am absolutely exhausted, so I just want to share a little bit about Nu Chapter - Oklahoma State. I flew into Oklahoma City to spend a couple days with Hillary before we made our way up to Iowa, and my favorite part was attending Nu Chapter's Skit Preview Night! Skit night is my favorite thing about Recruitment, and I just love to see what everyone does for their skit. Well....Nu Chapter just simply BLOWS EVERYONE OUT OF THE WATER with their ridiculous talent. I requested that the ladies perform this song for me again during their rehearsal today just so that I could film it and share it with yall. I instantly cried the first time I saw it, and I just get chills from head to toe every time I watch it!!! I have babbled enough...just see for yourself how incredible these women are....

um...beat boxing...harmonies...I hope you're doing a standing ovation in front of your screen....I am!! Love you, Nu Chapter! Keep up the great work!!! AOT =)

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