Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest Post: Kenzie is 22!!! by Katie

Hi everyone that reads Mackenzie’s blog!!! I’m not a regular blogger so I’m sorry if this entry is awkward and weird but I thought I would make an exception for a very special girl’s birthday.

This is the first time in four years Mackenzie and I have not been in the same state for her birthday. Albeit, freshmen year Mackenzie still thought my name was Hannah (her birthday was our Preference night our freshmen year so we hadn’t met yet). Anyways, the point is, we have spent very little time apart since then. So this whole being, what feels like MILLIONS OF MILES APART, is feeling extra hard on this day. If Mackenzie hadn’t so rudely abandoned me to pursue her own dreams, I would walk the seven steps from my room to her room, by greeting her with most likely some kind of cheesecake desert, queso and chips and a margarita/glass of wine (Kenzie is definitely drooling by now) at midnight! But, as I mentioned before, because Mackenzie (so rudely) abandoned me by moving 859.25 miles away this blog post will have to suffice...
So Mackenzie your special birthday (turning 22 on the 22nd) I give you 22 things I love about you... (I’ll try and make sure you still have your job by the end of the post). I'm sorry this post is so lengthy but I promise you'll like Mackenzie even more by the end of this post (hopefully :-))

# 1. I love that... you don't care what people think of you (yes people, she went out in public like this and because she knew no one would recognize her, she proceeded to be even more obnoxious than usual... sober)
#2. I love that... you are a freak when it comes to anything about your planner. I'm convinced that some days you would rather spend hours, by yourself, writing/color coding/ decorating your planner. You also write down everything you need to do in your planner (you know what I'm talking about).  

#3. I love that... you make the STRANGEST faces. Even after four years of friendship I'm still sometimes surprised by some of the looks you give me/other people (and believe me people, these pictures are normal compared to some of the faces she makes)
A personal fav of mine

#4. I love that... you are SO southern (even though you try and hide your accent) 

#5. I love that...If I EVER have a bad day, you don't even have to hesitate before you ask me if I want to go get queso and margaritas.  

#6. I love that... You can EAT(and that you get EXTREMELY grumpy if you haven't eaten)

#7. I love that... We ALWAYS laugh when we're together and most times I don't even know about what.

#8. I love that... you cry DAILY (about everything and anything)

#9.  I love that...You are a TERRIBLE swimmer... actually I don't even know if you can be considered a swimmer. You are more like a surviving drowner. Exhibit a: this picture, Exhibit b: Reef and Ritas (no picture necessary) 

#10. I love that...You want to be a Mom so bad you tell everyone what to do...lovingly :) I also love that because you want to be a Mom so badly, we share an equal love for babies and children.

#11. I love that...You can sleep ANYWHERE (and usually with your mouth wide open)

#12. I love that... You go to EXTREME lengths to take Instragram picture... weirdo

#13. I love that... you love Zac Brown Band as much as I do (and you still love me when i cry uncontrollably at their concert)

#14. I love that... you love Kappa Delta (thankfully, since your job kind of depends on it)

#15. I love that... you're sooooo good singing and dancing... If you go out with Kenzie you never have to guess if she'll break into song or dance at some point during the night

#16. I love that... I can convince you to do almost anything (including sliding down a a dress)

#17. I love that...You look strangely similar to the Target Commercial Lady (and at our date party, most people still couldn't guess who you were)

#18. I love that... We are traveling buddies (and always will be!) I also love that you document our travels via twitter... 
“Made is safely to Atlanta... stopped into IHOP for some breakfast before our flight and just saw a legit stripper”
“Roosters do not only crow at sunrise”
“PDA is different than... humping”
“The only thing I like about Florida is the Keys”
“Captain and Beard better be there”
“We just gotta let it go” “But I love Beard!”
“Both secretly looking at the dinner menu for tonight’s restaurant and getting excited for calamari... this is why we’re friends”
“No it was fuller than that. His heard not his person”

#19. I love that...We share a common love for F.R.I.E.N.D.S., How I met Your Mother, The Office, Sister Wives, Downton Abby, and Once Upon a Time. I also love that we HATE when our friends try and interrupt us while watching any of these shows (cough cough... Ashton Davis)

#20. I love that... You love your friends and family unconditionally

21. I love that... you are so loyal to your sister. You can't begin to explain who Mackenzie is without mention of her sister, Lauren. Having two sisters myself, I always could relate to Lauren and Mackenzie's relationship and because my sisters are 8 hours away, I would live vicariously through Mackenzie and Lauren's relationship. They fight, love and laugh just like sisters. They would do absolutely anything for each other and do not hesitate to put the other one in their place. These two compliment each other very well and bring out the best in one another (even when they're driving each other insane).

22. I love that... I know we'll be friends forever. Even though we will probably not live in the same place again (I'm still in denial), I know I'll never have to wonder if you'll be at my graduation, wedding (here's hoping I'll actually get married), baby showers, birthday parties, retirement party and everything else in between. I'm so very blessed to have you in my life.

Freshmen Year
Sophomore Year
Junior Year
Senior year

I love a lot of things about Mackenzie but these are the few that stick out to me (and that I had pictures to go along with). Please text/ call Mackenzie to wish her the happiest birthday!!! You are loved by so many people, Kenz. I hope you feel special today!


Love, Katie (Hannah)

#22.5- She also really loves this little guy and his Mom. But come one, who wouldn't love this guy? Look at that face (Julia, your face is alright too)! Happy Birthday, Auntie Kenzie!!!

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