Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting Acquainted with the Cyclones...

Hillary and I have been officially in Iowa for ten days now (if you haven't already read about our journey, check it out here), and I still have no idea where I am! It has been such a whirlwind!! I guess I'll just pick up where I left off...at our new home!!

Hillary and I arrived in Ames late last Saturday evening here at The Sigma Sigma Chapter of Kappa Delta (Each chapter across the nation has it's own name, and the chapter here was given the name "Sigma Sigma" because the founding sisters of the ISU chapter were actually in a secret society called "Secret Sisters" before they asked to join the National Organization of Kappa Delta!...cool, huh!?!), unloaded all of our stuff with the help of one of the sweet women here at the house, and went straight to bed as soon as we had sheets on the bed! This took a bit of effort, however, because the amazing House Corps (who left us such sweet welcome baskets!) had just bought brand new incredibly comfortable mattresses, but they were a little too fluffy for the bunk beds, leaving very little space for my not so little body...so Hillary and I slept sleep-over style the first night! the pictures don't really do it justice..but it was a tight squeeze...

We were a little worried about the bed situation, but absolutely should not have been because Sherry, the House Corps Treasurer, stopped by the next day with her husband to check on things, and the minute we expressed our concern, they went to work on getting us a new bed! Within the next hour, we were all set up and ready to go! Thanks so much, yall! We appreciate you!!

Our first full day in Iowa was taken up with all the bed-switching, moving in, and then a delicious dinner at El Azteca, the Mexican restaurant our PIKE consultant friend, and Ames native, Brandon, recommended to us - Thanks, Brandon! We appreciate you answering all our ISU questions! OH! And, by the way, we have a "house dog," Tia - she's our house mom, Nena's sweetheart of a pup...

That Monday was our first day on the job, so Hillary and I got all dolled up in our professional-best and headed to "The MU" -aka the Memorial Union on ISU's campus- to meet with the staff in TOGA -aka The Office of Greek Affairs- yep...that's right. I'm already catching on to the lingo! We had a great time with the TOGA staff and the Panhellenic Recruitment Exec, then we made sure to stop by the book store to get our "Quit Playing Ames with my Heart" get it!? like the Backstreet Boys song!?!? souvenir!!! One of my best friends from college, Katie, gave me the idea of getting a koozie from every school I go to because I have a minor and unwarranted obsession with them so I picked out my first one!! Then it was off to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate our first day, and we just had the most hilarious time...of course, Hillary snapped this lovely photo of me laughing my little patookus find definition here off - she has a strange skill for getting candid pictures of me at the weirdest moments....something she and Katie have in common, unfortunately!

The rest of the week was filled with meetings, trying to get acquainted with Ames and ISU, and...of course...food. Hillary and I feel like we have been eating our way through Iowa....I bold that so that the letters can be as chubby as I am beginning to feel! haha! Ames is a pretty small town (at least what we've explored feels that way) so we thought we'd exhausted the obvious restaurant choices, but we keep getting great recommendations from staff and Greek men and women, so we've just made our way through the eateries of Ames...below you can find Valentino's Macaroni and Cheese Pizza yes, you read that correctly, Orange Leaf Fro-Yo the best I have had in as long as I can remember, and 888 Chinese Food strange name, amazing taste. 

Food has certainly not been a disappointment here in Ames, and if you know me at all then you know I am very very thankful for that. If you don't know me, you should know that I eat like a linebacker, and I am very much not ashamed of that. So far my favorite place is "The Cafe." We went there for brunch with an ADPi consultant last week, and again for lunch today with some PIKE
friends of Brandon's and it was phenomenal both times! Today, I got a steak salad that I am already craving again, it was that good! I didn't take a picture, otherwise you would see that too...haha!

Overall, I'm still loving my job, and we're slowly warming up to Ames, but I am suffering from frequent bouts of homesickness, and we are both extremely ready for meals here at the house to start so that we can stop eating out and start eating more fruits and veggies...as you can see by my tweet to the right, I have felt severely deprived in that area, so at Orange Leaf, I stocked my cup with 4.5 oz worth of strawberries, raspberries, and pineapple. It was JUST what the doctor had ordered!

Other than my current fear of scurvy, we're hanging in here! We've had quite a few meetings, but also lots of downtime which wasn't very good for the whole homesickness thing. This week has been much better, though, because we've gotten to run every morning, observe Formal Recruitment, and hang out with Sarah, the AOPi consultant in town, which keeps us busy and social! All of the Greek women from every chapter, as well as the Rho Gammas Recruitment Counselors have been incredibly welcoming and gracious throughout this whole week, which has been so uplifting! We get to start our actual recruiting process on THURSDAY EVENING which is coming up so quick and keeping us pretty busy and excited, so we haven't had much time for homesickness this week, which I'm glad for!

This Friday/Saturday we will get to meet the whole group of women - 12 total, 11 moving into the house - that are remaining with the chapter this year. Then, Hillary and I are hoping to take the AOPi consultant we've been hanging out with all week with us to Des Moines for some girl time - nails, shopping, dinner, etc. Then, Hillary leaves for her first chapter visit to Alpha Psi at Drury University bright and early Sunday morning, so I have the immense pleasure of waking up at 3:30 am to get her to the Des Moines airport for her 6:30 flight! YAY!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! I hope you can sense my sarcasm here....I'm laying it on pretty thick...I'll be here in Ames until the 24th and then I fly out for my first official chapter visit to Alpha Omicron at Queens University in Charlotte, NC! So many exciting things ahead! For now, goodnight from the women of the corn! ;-) Until next time...


  1. Loved catching up on your life - thank you for the update :) Looks like a lot of FUN! I'm jealous :) Miss you/love you!

  2. Kenz-We'll be in Charlotte on the 25th! Maybe we can see you to give you a hug??? Love you!