Sunday, July 22, 2012

#66 - Michigan Trip 2012

Every summer we make an effort to head up to Michigan, and to ensure this tradition continues, I added "Visit Michigan" to my 101 in 1001 list. And we did it! Aunt Ruth, Lindsey, and her two kiddos - Kendall and Ethan - drove up to Nashville from Charleston on Saturday night. We enjoyed some chicken fajitas and - of course! - the wine slushies! The next morning, bright and early, we all caravanned up to the good ole Grand Rapids! Along the way, we crossed some borders, which means I have more states to cross off my list!!

We have a bunch of stops we just must make each year when we head up to Michigan, so we hit all the hot spots...Arnie's - our go-to breakfast joint, Jersey Junction - the best ice cream in town, and Aunt Libby's for pizza and game night! 

With the Van Dam side of the family, we also went out to a new place! The Boatwerks in Holland for dinner and drinks with my Grandma, Uncle Randy, and his wife Pat was nothing short of phenomenal. The food was great, and the view was spectacular! It was such a gorgeous day, and we stayed a long while just catching up and enjoying the breeze. After dinner, we made sure to drive by the beach - yes, there are white sandy beaches up North - and snap a good picture of the old Van Dam cottage - where my dad use to vacation as a kid! =)

This was the first trip where all of Lindsey and Michelle's kids were around, and it was so great to see them all interact and play. They were crazy and rambunctious and so fun to be around! I am so jealous that they get to grow up with their cousins so close. We were always so far from everyone, but they see each other at least once a month - how fun is that!? Each of them has such an adorable personality, and I just loved having them around! I also loved that I didn't have to change their diapers or deal with the lack of naps....I want kids, but all in good time haha! 

One of the biggest parts of our trip was the bridal shower for Shannon - my cousin Paul's fiance. It was such a fun time to get together as girls and play games, eat good food, and catch up with all the Wiersma ladies! Aunt Libby did an incredible job decorating the place, and Michelle's cookies and bingo cards were a huge hit!

The KayDee Lady Limeade that's tight - I pulled that recipe out of my very own sack of tricks and with Aunt Laura's fabulous chicken salad were enjoyed by all!

It was such a lovely shower, and such an awesome trip! It good to see all the Wiersma/Van Dam clans! I sure wish we were closer so we could visit more often. Love you all!

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