Monday, June 4, 2012

Walking in Memphis!

A temporary RESIDENT OF

It is still so surreal that I even have this job, much less that I am HERE and starting training!! Erin and I drove to Memphis together from Nashville, and we were squealing with excitement from the minute we pulled off the interstate! As we pulled onto Players Lane, I was honking the horn, and we literally started screaming as we pulled up to Headquarters! 

One LDC, Maddy, had already arrived, and shortly after arriving (and a quick tour of our gorgeous new home) we headed out to Walmart to do the week's grocery shopping. Let me tell you, I may have not-so secret obsession with the Duggar family, and the idea of having a huge family, but shopping for fourteen was absolutely ridiculous. 

The above picture was about 30 minutes in...Four carts, two and a half hours, and quite-an-obnoxious total later, we were heading home with the groceries...which was quite an adventure in my two-door coupe....

Maddy and Erin with all the goods!! 

Tight Squeeze!!!

Today, we're starting our training, and I can't wait to learn even more about the AMAZING organization that I am a part of!! Shout out to all my fellow LDCs and everyone here at Headquarters! 

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