Friday, June 15, 2012

Sneak Peak: LDC Photo Shoot!


The 2012-2013
Leadership Development Consultants
for Kappa Delta Sorority 

Left to Right: Georgia, Maddy, Me, Kelsey, Bri, Whittney, Erin, Kim, Sarah B., Rachel, Hillary, Tori, Shelby, and Sarah F.

pretty cool, huh?!

This one is my favorite!! P.S. to all you KDs out there, all t-shirts pictured are available from the Kappa Delta Boutique

these pictures are gorgeous...just ignore how dumb I look in 80% of was really bright out...

We'll see you on the road! 

all photos courtesy of Kristen Archer
Information Technology Manager
Kappa Delta Sorority National Headquarters

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