Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photo Shoot Favorites!

As you saw from my last post, apparently part of my job is being a model. Good thing I'm so photogenic...jokes. Kristen Archer (the wonderful woman on staff who took these) is incredibly talented, so I wanted to share some of my favorites!

whittney. kelsey. sarah f. erin. kim. maddy. sarah b. bri. tori. rachel. me. shelby. georgia. hillary. 

i believe this started as a "look like you're having fun" picture...and ended up with me crying i was laughing so idea how that transition occurred. 

such a fun and wonderful group of ladies!

very pan am if i do say so myself. 

get it girls. 

 solo pic time...

this is where i would like to thank modern technology and KA for hiding the fact that i was sweating to death in these pictures

location number two: front street vintage auto

me and miss maddy june

love these girls so much =)

with our boss, leslie! =) and that was a wrap!

I have so much to catch all you readers up on, but right now, I'm more excited about catching up on my sleep! Until tomorrow...

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