Monday, June 25, 2012

Let Go and Let God

So, as promised, I want to fill you all in on the last week of training...which ended almost a week ago now. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to actually blog about this, but I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off since I got home from Memphis! I still have so much to do and catch up on, but right now my priority is YOU and filling you in on all the details =)

Last time I wrote, we had just missed the Redbirds game due to rain and had enjoyed a lovely evening of relaxation at KDHQ. Tuesday was another fun night because we all attended our first Kappa Delta Alumnae Event! Karen, the lovely alumna who hosted our recruitment pool party, hosted an event for all the Memphis alumnae and the KDHQ staff THAT'S ME! THAT'S ME! at her lovely home - which sported such an adorable KD flag the night of the event!

forgive the poor quality of the picture on the right...I don't know what happened there...

It was such a strange feeling being at this event with all these women who I feel are legit adults...even those who are only a year older than me! I feel like I say this all the time, but honestly, WHEN DID I GROW UP!? Where are the 90's!? Is it okay that I still know every move to the NSYNC dance Ashton and I made up in 98?! You know what...scratch that last didn't hear that...

ANYWAYS! We were all quite thrilled to be a part of Karen's event, especially since it made become such a treat to leave Headquarters and have some social time. But the best part was that I had yet another "celebrity" interaction with a member of the Tuohy family. That's right, folks. Collins Tuohy was at the event, talked with us for quite some time, was an absolute doll, and brought the most fabulous (and delicious) KD Cookies!

Collins is in the pink top between Hillary and I...aka the only girl without a name tag on...

Wednesday was another fun day because KJ McNamara, former Kappa Delta consultant, came in to do our Phired Up training! If you have never heard of Phired Up, click here. It's an incredible organization that focused on values-based recruiting; they do a lot of work with fraternities and sororities, and it was such an awesome day that made me so incredibly excited about getting out "in the field" and helping our chapters recruit even more amazing women with whom we can share our incredible sisterhood!! Thanks so much, KJ, for spending the day with us and sharing so much valuable information!

We also got our official Kappa Delta Leadership Development Consultant name tags and business cards this week! Everyone was so excited about how grown up and profession that made us!! 

Yes...we're overly excited. But, hey, we like our jobs. I just refuse to apologize for that! haha =) 

Thursday we did house tours and dinner with the Chi Omega consultants (which I unfortunately did not take any pictures of), and Friday was our photo shoot day, which you can check out here and here if you haven't already. Then we spent the entire weekend doing colony and extension training with our outstanding National Vice President, Betty Brown Mulkey! Monday was great because we had lunch with the PIKE (Pi Kappa Alpha) fraternity consultants...

...and then we had our goodbye dinner at our fabulous boss' house! She ordered Commissary BBQ which was absolutely finger-licking good and we all watched the Bachelorette together and SCREAMED at the TV when Ryan was trying to convince Emily to let him stay...can you say "manipulator!?" Sheesh...I just can't not watch. The drama is just so rich...

left: what was left after we demolished the BBQ nachos. Right: Shelby Mae and I all snuggled up for the Bachelorette

And sadly, Tuesday we finished up our final aspects of training, packed our bags, and left Headquarters until who knows when. As overwhelming as some of the training days were, and as much as I miss Franklin and my family, saying goodbye to these women was just no fun!

Before we all hit the road, the Sorority Staff put on the most beautiful initiation/induction ceremony for all of us where we were presented with our consultant rings and the daggers for our pins. The daggers are only for members of the National Leadership Team...and guess what...THAT'S ME!?! an absolute dream come true if you haven't already caught on to that...Below are pictures of my new dagger, me with my amazing boss - Leslie, my consultant ring - our crest is in the center and there is a pearl on each side of the onyx cushion i love it. i love it so much., and then the final one is me and Hillary sporting our rings...Kappa Delta like they put a ring on it...yep. I went there. 

sorry the quality isn't the greatest!!

Most of us will be coming back to KDHQ around Labor Day, but we might not all be there for the same days just because of scheduling! It's just so sad that we all bonded so closely over the past couple weeks, but seeing each other over the next year will be a rarity. =( I have made some incredible friends that I know will last a lifetime, and I left Memphis feeling incredibly honored to be a part of such an impeccable group of young women. I love you all! 

Yep...we like cheese. String cheese. Personality cheese. We're all about it! =) I hope you enjoyed the training wrap-up! Until next time...

blog title is a nod to my newest motto
you can control very few things in this life
so the key to happiness is to let go and let God.

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