Sunday, May 13, 2012

#24 - A Work in Progress

I have the most incredible family. I am so blessed to a part of a large, loving family - both immediate and extended. My parents are nothing short of extraordinary: married over thirty years and still very much in love today (which is just plain unheard of these days).  They have filled my almost twenty-two years of life with so much love and support, and I have them to thank for everything that I have accomplished. For that reason, #24 on my 101 in 1001 list is "Find a way to thank my mom and dad for being AMAZING parents." Clearly, this is no easy task...aka it's basically impossible, but I have made a pledge to be intentional about taking advantage of every opportunity possible to say "thank you" - like graduation!

I decorated my graduation cap with "Thanks Mom & Dad" as a surprise, and thanks to the lovely idea of one of Katie's friends from high school, we painted a sign (aka I painted while Katie acted as supervisor) to hang from our house during graduation week to say "thank you" as well. It was the absolute least we could do to thank our wonderful parents for financing our education!

I think they both turned out pretty well, and Momma and Daddy seemed to enjoy them! 

And in the spirit of Mother's Day, today I made my mommy dinner! Like I said, this by no means covers all the thanks they deserve for all the meals, money, laundry, education, life lessons, ets. that they have given me, but it's better than nothing!! 

Until next time....

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