Monday, April 23, 2012

My "Last" Undergraduate All-Nighter

So, I accomplished #3 on my 101 in 1001 List!!

#3. Pull One Last All-Nighter in Hodges

...But it didn't happen in Hodges...Last week Wednesday, around 9 p.m, me and a bunch of my Ambassador aka tour guide friends (Lauren - our resident wanna-be Mexican, Laura - my brunette mini-me, and Grant - el capitan) trailed through Hodges aka the library on campus looking for a lovely study area for our group, but left unsatisfied. Luckily, my precious friend Grant is a smart little boy, so we got into Melrose aka the honors building, and found a huge study room to enjoy. At first, we had to share with some obnoxiously intelligent folks, but they eventually got sick of us and left, so we had the place to ourselves. Throughout the night, we were joined by other Ambassador friends (Sammy - the player of loud obnoxious music, Ben - my go-to "that's what she said" tour partner, and Will - the bringer of gummy bears and the buyer of late night coffee) and it was nothing short of a study party.

Now, for me, this semester has been mostly stress-free in terms of school. I've only pulled one almost-all-nighter while working on a 20-page paper, but other than that it's been pretty light on the school work. professors just thought they'd be hilarious and pile on all the work at the end of the semester. typical So the night of the all-nighter, I was looking at attempt to tackle the upcoming weeks of assignments: 6 papers (one of which was due the next day), 4 quizzes (two the next day), 2 tests (one the next day), and a creative project (which I still have yet to begin). Sounds super fun, right!?! WRONG. But, with the help of some wonderful friends, lots of coffee, plenty of tweets, midnight McDonald's, and one hilarious game of Ninja, I made it through! Here's a picture of us playing four a.m....clearly I sucked....

Clockwise from the top: Will, Grant, Me, Lauren, Laura, and Ben...picture captured and tweeted by Sammy.
Our little wanna-be Mexican, Lauren, is about to graduate with me, and had NEVER pulled an all-nighter before - can you believe it!?

But in the end...she couldn't handle it! hahahahahahaha So, she, Sammy, and Ben packed up and left around 5 that morning, leaving us hardcore students to our studying. I ended up accomplishing a five-page paper, two online quizzes, and a long study session for my test the next day. So much done...yet so much still to do...

I honestly felt fine when 7 a.m. rolled around and we all started packing up. Even when I laid in bed, I couldn't sleep! My most-wonderful roommate, Katie, even brought me a delicious Caramel Latte before our morning classes! Luckily, my first one got cancelled, so I got to chill at home that morning and study even more! yippee....then the Thursday shenanigans began....and we all crashed:

Needless to say, it was a typical all-nighter. The entirety of Thursday was spent complaining about how little we really accomplished, how poorly we did on our tests, and how we wished we had just gone to bed. So, I definitely achieved the classic all-nighter experience one last time before graduation...and I was fast asleep by 7:30 Thursday evening....and for the next 12 hours to come...

And that's that! Until next hard and sleep tight! ;-)

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