Sunday, April 8, 2012

My 1st Mission Accomplished!

I came home for the Easter weekend looking forward to a lovely relaxing time, and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the time with my wonderful family. But, unlike most trips home, I had the opportunity to grab drinks with some wonderful friends that I rarely ever see! It was so good to see Meaghan, Addie, and Matt! We were all sitting at Dan McGuiness Pub catching up, and the topic of my 101 in 1001 list came up in conversation. Matt was just certain that we MUST accomplish at least one thing on my list that night. Well, many of the things on my list are not just get-out-and-do-it sort of things, but this one was.....

73. Put bubbles in a fountain

So, after saying some goodbyes, Matt and I go to Walmart for the cheapest dish soap available, grab a cup from the gas station on the corner, and we head over to Thoroughbred Movie Theatre. Now, at the good ole Thoroughbred, the po-pos aka the police are constantly on the look-out for hooligans like me trying to dump soap and create bubbles. Luckily, however, Matt and I are late-night hooligans who showed up after the last movie had started. AKA - the place was deserted. Despite this, we wanted to be sure to be sly. it's more fun that way anyways! So, we dump a bunch of AJAX into the cup, pop a squat on the fountain, stealthily knock the cup into the fountain while attempting to appear like an innocent couple-o-friends, and then we headed back to the car to wait it out! We went back to the fountain to check progress about thirty minutes later, and there was a definite layer of bubbles!! Of course, in just a half hour, bubbles don't get super fluffy in a fountain this large, but by 1:00 am, a simple layer was more than enough excitement to warrant crossing #73 off the list!! Thanks to Matt for helping with the mission, and I hope yall enjoy the pictures! :-)

AJAX in the Cup
Innocently placed on Fountain
Dumped...and we wait.


Thanks for reading! Until the next mission...

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