Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Starting with the Man in the Mirror

You may be wondering why I have titled this post with some of Michael Jackson's classic lyrics. I shall tell you my dear! The following post is dedicated to four lovely ladies with whom I share an undying (mostly drunken) love for the song "Man in the Mirror." It has become our go-to song when we're in the mood for windows down, music blaring, and screaming at the top of our lungs (or if we've all had a few and feel like bringing down the house with our incredible vocals...not). I realize that this song is incredibly depressing, and unfortunately I cannot enlighten you on why we have become obsessed with it because not even I can pinpoint a moment when it became "our song." But despite all of this, I am pleased to post about...


Katie, Me (Mackenzie), Anna, Julia, and Ashton - Football Season Junior Year

Four years ago, I never would have guessed how much these women would mean to me. Brought together by the bonds of sisterhood in Kappa Delta Sorority, we have dealt with literally anything and everything a college girl would ever face, and I am proud to say, we've survived it all. 

"Power T" Mixer Freshman Year - Tiffany & Co. Boxes
Rockstar Date Party Sophomore Year

These four ladies have taught me some valuable life lessons - how best to curl my hair, how to paint my nails by myself, how to be a good friend, and most importantly, how to take a tequila shot. (NO SALT FOR ME!)

Fall Formal Sophomore Year
Bid Day (and my 20th Birthday!) Junior Year

I cannot imagine life without them! It has been so strange this year while we've all been beginning new phases of our lives, and it will be even more stranger when we're all in separate cities just a few short weeks from now. And for those of you reading, it might seem strange that all of these pictures are in the exact same pose...but too bad. It's just one of our little things =) I am so proud to call each of these beautiful women my friends, and no matter where we end up, I know we will always be close! I love you all!!


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