Tuesday, March 27, 2012

101 in 1001

As you know, I've been following blogs from all kinds of sorority consultants. Recently I found a blog by an AOPi and she gave me this great idea: I have decided to start the 101 in 1001 Challenge - 101 Things to Accomplish in 1001 Days! It has taken me over a week to actually think of that many things to do, and I've had lots of help from wonderful (and hilarious) friends and family. So, now that my list is complete started March 27, 2012...edited December 26, 2012, 1001 days starts now! So between today (April 1, 2012) and 1001 days from now (December 27, 2014) I plan to accomplish all of the following things: wish me luck!


1. Go to a UT football game as an Alumnae =) 
2. Establish a weekly workout routine
3. Pull one last all-nighter in Hodges before Graduation
actually completed in the Melrose Honors Building
5. Re-learn piano
6. Read 100 books
7. Finish the Harry Potter series
I refused to read the whole 7th book back in the day because I didn't want the series to end
8. Go to Graduate School
9. Skydive
10. Bungee Jump
11. Go watch The Ellen Show Live
13. Sleep in a truck bed under the stars
14. Skinny dip
15. Write a letter to myself to open later in life
16. Make a scrapbook of my LDC travel year
17. Go to a drive-in movie
18. Learn how to bake with fondant
19. Go to a Wine Tasting
20. Go to Harry Potter World
21. Stop Biting my Nails
22. Have breakfast in bed
23. Stop tanning
it's really bad for you...but it's so warm in there...
24. Find a way to thank my mom and dad for being AMAZING parents
25. Learn the 5-strand braid
26. Run in the Color Run!
attempted...not yet completed...
27. Take a trip to Charleston
28. Donate my Hair...again.
29. Get a small and tasteful tattoo
sorry mom
30. Have a Disney Movie Marathon
31. Run a (half) Marathon
32. Send a message in a bottle
33. Befriend someone I don't like
34. Be in two places at once
yes, the above two are courtesy of "A Walk to Remember"
35. Finish a 365 day photo project
36. Throw a Murder Mystery Party
37. Dance in the rain
38. Conquer a fear
39. Go to Disney World
40. Learn to Waterski
41. Leave a confidence-boosting note in a book for someone to find
42. Watch the sunrise and the sunset in the same day
43. Build a fort like when I was a kid =)
44. Make money using coupons
45. Kiss someone under mistletoe
46. Donate $101
47. Mail a secret to PostSecret
48. Save every $5 bill I come across in a jar
Use the money for something special!
49. Finish the Friday Night Lights series
50.  Impact someone's life
51. Learn to golf
52. Tour The White House
53. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
54. Own something from Tiffany & Co.
55. Make a Family Cookbook
56. Organize all of Mom's photos
scan, save, categorize online and in-print
57. Step out of my comfort zone
58. Go on a road trip
59. Learn to let go of the things I cannot control
60. 365 days of Daily Devotionals
61. Watch all the Harry Potter Movies in one day
62. Write down the stories of how my grandparents met and fell in love
63. Take a "Monica Gellar" bath
if you're not a Friends fan, this means music, candles, bath salts, etc.
64. Be a "regular" at a restaurant
65. Have a successful blog
not likely, but a girl can dream.
66. Visit Michigan
hopefully more than once
67. Go sailing
68. Get my Carrier Permit
69. Go to the Southern Most Restaurant with Katie again
best meal of my life.
70. Have the "Fab Five" all together again
I want Julia, Anna, Ashton, Katie and I reunited! 
71. No technology (email, phone, twitter, facebook, etc.) for a day
72. Ride an Elephant
73. Put bubbles in a fountain
74. Learn to sew
75. Read the whole Bible
76. Go to a football game in every SEC stadium
77. Pay for a stranger's groceries
78. Be a part of Colonizing a Kappa Delta chapter
79. Create a recipe from scratch
80. Get a New Year's Kiss
81. Complete a DIY project from Pinterest
82. See all 50 States
83. Fall in Love
84. Live each day as if something wonderful is going to happen
85. Learn about gardening
I've always wanted to have a green thumb...maybe I can teach myself
86. Have both brothers in the States at the same time
Wouldn't that be nice?! This is the life of a military sister
87. Go to at least one great concert
88. Learn to dance!
like legit dance...mambo, salsa, tango, etc.
89. Learn to play tennis WELL
I know how to play...I'm just terrible, so no one wants to play with me!
90. Try Yoga and Pilates
91. Take a Zumba class
92. Go to Mardi Gras
93. Go to the Hamptons
94. Become an early riser
95. Learn to take compliments and criticism well
not my strong suit...
96. Go on a shopping spree
97. Go to the Kentucky Derby or Carolina Cup
98. Donate blood
I am going to HATE that, but it saves lives, folks!
99. Get a dog!!!
100. Let go of the past
forgive and forget
101. Complete my 101 in 1001! =)

1001 days starts now...HERE GOES NOTHING!!!



  1. This is awesome Kenzie! Love and miss you


    1. Thanks, Anna! I love and miss you too!! I can't wait for you to come back here!!!

  2. What a great list, Kenz! I love, love most of these and think we should do a few together!