Sunday, March 25, 2012

the ocean is my only medication

Believe it or not, I'm have just returned home from my last - yes LAST - Spring Break of my Undergraduate career. Honestly, when did I grow up?! Katie (my wonderful, patient, caring roommate who is just so fabulous as to put up with me on a daily basis) and I went to Key West, Florida and it could not have been more wonderful. We layed on the beach, we snorkeled aka Katie snorkeled and I barely escaped drowning, and we ate massive amounts of carbs and took a page from Jimmy Buffet's book and enjoyed plenty of margaritas. It was such a fabulous time! Here are some pictures from our trip! (there would be more, but I just cannot for the life of me figure out this me all you blogging experts!)

Key West Sunset from Mallory Square - we went almost every night!

Waiting for the sun to set


Happy Hour at Kelly's

We saw dolphins from the snorkel boat!


post title courtesy of Zac Brown Band

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